• The Story

  • There’s a gold dome in the sky that the Tooth Fairy has called home for eons. But the dome is filled up with the beautiful teeth she has collected from children all around the world. She has a secret. Somewhere in Northville a warehouse is being constructed – a new home for the Tooth Fairy!

    Dr. William Demray of Preservation Dental went to see her. He invited her to stay at his office temporarily, just while the new warehouse is under construction. The Tooth Fairy was thrilled! She moved in a few weeks ago. The old Victorian house has been trembling with excitement.

    All those teeth caused a ToothQuake – and now there’s a ToothFall cascading from her apartment! Everyone is stopping by to see the Acci-DENTAL Masterpiece. They are taking pictures and writing her letters. It’s been a wonderful welcome to a wonderful city. She’s called the governor to ask if Northville can be declared “Molar City” for the summer of 2016!

    Dr. Demray offers up a favorite quote: “Well, this is different, and you might at least want to come take a look.”

  • Staffed Hours

    • Mon-Tues: 8am to 6pm

    • Wed: 8am to 7pm

    • Fri: 8am to 5pm


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