The First Response!


Hello there!

I received so many sweet letters and I have been so busy reading through them! Though many of you have asked very different questions, my first response will be to the most popular question!

Q : “What do you do with all of those teeth?”

A : I love answering this question almost as much as I love collecting shiny teeth each night! After I pick up your teeth from under your pillows, I bring them back to my magical gold dome in the sky and use them to decorate my tooth palace! I have bicuspid balconies, incisor islands in my kitchen, and molar mantles!  The problem is, I have been collecting teeth for a LONG time! My beautiful gold dome is getting a bit full and I need a new warehouse to collect teeth. That is why I turned to Dr. Demray. He is letting me stay at his office in Northville while my new storage facility is under construction (somewhere in Northville)! A few of my teeth fell out during a “tooth quake” but rest assured, they are all ok!