Nervous in Northville


Dear Tooth Fairy,

 “My daughter has a very loose tooth she is afraid to lose. Can you help? ”

                                                                                              -Nervous in Northville

First of all, I want to be the very first to wish huge CONGRATULATIONS on the first wiggly tooth! Any loose tooth is something to celebrate but that first tooth is a big deal! Sure, it comes with the unsettling unknowns but also the anticipation of treasures to arrive. It is really easy as pie to lose a tooth! Once your tongue feels the first wiggle, you will not be able to resist! If you are nervous about losing your first tooth, I have a couple pieces of advice to help you out!

Ask a friend or sibling who already lost a tooth!

Chances are you already know someone who lost a tooth. Ask your friends and family about the first time they lost a tooth! Their stories might surprise you and they can help you to know what to expect!

Talk to your dentist!

At your cleaning appointment, be sure to tell your dentist about your nerves! They are experts in wiggly teeth! If you have never had your teeth cleaned, now is the perfect time to make your first appointment!

Prepare for your first visit from me, the Tooth Fairy!

I have seen children prepare for my arrival in so many ways! Some kids make small pillows with a tiny pocket for their lost tooth. Others have a small box they place under their pillow or on their nightstand. Many leave letters along with their teeth! Check with your family to see what traditions you have in your house! If you do not have a holder for your lost tooth, come on down to Preservation Dental at 371 E. Main St. in downtown Northville for your very own tooth holder!