The Binge Blog…How Many Episodes Can Your Teeth Survive?


My name is Dr. William Demray and I have owned and operated my private dental practice in Northville for almost 40 years. Welcome to my Dental Download!

Over the years, one thing remains clear: dental decay-especially in children- is the most prevalent disease in the world. Dentists have forever preached the mantra, brush for 2 minutes 2 times a day to prevent decay. However, preventing decay is not quite that simple. Education is the best defense against those sneaky ‘sugar bugs.’ For the next few months, I plan on breaking down the major factors of dental decay. Now for today’s Dental Download…


This week, let’s talk about “sugar episodes”. It’s the number of episodes matters more to your dental health. It’s not the amount of sugar consumed-that’s another issue in itself.


In the simplest terms, an episode is all of the sugar consumed in one sitting. For example, a bottle of soda. If you drink the whole soda in one sitting, that is one episode. If you spread it out, taking 10 little sips during the course of the day, that equates to 10 episodes of sugar on your teeth. You are consuming the same amount of soda but sipping throughout the day without brushing after every episode does more potential damage to your teeth.


All surfaces of the teeth should be cleaned after each episode. By just brushing your teeth, you only clean 60% of your teeth. Proper flossing is the key to cleaning the other 40% missed by brushing, especially the proximals, or where the teeth touch together. After brushing, the last step for a healthy smile is to clean near the gumline. This area can be accessed with a rubber tip stimulator or soft pick near the base or ‘collar’ of the tooth. The combination of brushing, flossing, and rubber tip are your smile’s best protection!


If you choose to consume your one bottle of pop throughout the day, brush your teeth about 30 minutes after each episode. If you cannot access a toothbrush or toothpaste, your best defense is to rinse with water.