The Preservation Dental presentation of Tooth Quake Friday, June 17, 2016 in Northville, Michigan. (Photo by Steve Fecht)

Dear Tooth Fairy, I’m 4 and haven’t lost any teeth yet. When will I lose some? Can you make it happen soon? My big sister has already lost 4 teeth and she is 6! I understand how frustrating it can be to watch your sister lose her teeth while you are still waiting! Think of it […]

Nervous in Northville


Dear Tooth Fairy,  “My daughter has a very loose tooth she is afraid to lose. Can you help? ”                                                                         […]

The First Response!


Hello there! I received so many sweet letters and I have been so busy reading through them! Though many of you have asked very different questions, my first response will be to the most popular question! Q : “What do you do with all of those teeth?” A : I love answering this question almost as much as […]