Where Do Baby Teeth Go?



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Lily has questions about her teeth: “What does the Tooth Fairy DO with all the baby teeth she collects?” This magical story helps to answer this question. Lily and her little brother Andy learn about the Preservation Dental characters – Betsy Floss, Mr. 2th DK and the Sugar Bugs. They also learn how to properly care for their teeth. This book will delight parents and curious kids as they learn about the “gold dome in the sky.”

About the Author

Denise Mrakitsch Jenkins is the mother of two grown children and “Grammy” to three adorable grandchildren. She works to keep hearts young and grow imagination. The story of the Tooth Fairy House is one of many she told her children and their friends when they were growing up. All three of her grandchildren have seen the Tooth Fairy House! She writes letters, scripts, magazine articles and has manuscripts in file folders scattered about her home office. Currently, Denise manages and handles all community relations for Preservation Dental.

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